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Savoury Pie – with Spinach, Handmade Ricotta, Prima Donna Maturo, Basil and Egg

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Savoury Pie - with Spinach, Ricotta, Prima Donna Maturo, Basil and Egg

I got an idea to make this pie from my Italian cookbook – which had a recipe for a savoury Easter pie, and the ingredients included ricotta, grated parmesan, beet leaves, artichokes and eggs. I decided not to follow the recipe because I lacked too many of the ingredients, but I ran with the general concept.

I will refrain from giving exact ingredient measurements, because I didn’t really use any, but rather made the recipe up as I went along. I began with about half a packet of leftover frozen spinach – defrosted it in the microwave, squeezed out excess water and sauteed it in frying pan with generous amount of extra virgin olive oil. I had thought to do onion and garlic beforehand (I put them in almost EVRYTHING savoury) but forgot. To the spinach, I added basil and some thyme from the garden – washed and shredded. I removed the pan from the heat, then added what was left of my handmade ricotta – about 100-150g? I completed the filling with about 90g of prima donna maturo – grated – which I bought from the Dutch cheese sellers at the Dargaville Farmers Market.

Prima Donna Maturo, Thyme, Basil and Handmade Ricotta

Sauteed spinach

Then I made the pastry, trying to stick with the authentic method described in my cookbook. Instead of using a bowl, I just mounded around 2 cups of white flour on the bench – maybe a bit more – making a well in the centre. I poured in olive oil and a little bit of water, and started to work the flour into a pastry dough, adding more oil and water as necessary. I eventually ended up adding an egg as well. It made the pastry quite springy, and I was worried that the pastry was going to be too tough – but it actually turned out to be well suited to this pie, and wasn’t tough at all!

Once more or less the right consistency, I split the dough in half and rolled out to a circle. I put this in my small, greased pie dish, and trimmed the edges until they were neat. I filled the pastry shell with the ricotta mixture (I found the amount of mixture a bit much, I only needed about half of it in the end – will have to find something to do with the rest!). I then made a circular dent in the middle of the pie and cracked an egg into it. I covered the top with the remaining pastry.

Egg with filling in pastry shell

Topped with pastry

Finally, I brushed the pie top with an egg, then left it in a preheated oven (180 degrees celsius) for about 35 mins. I left it to cool a little before before cutting. I devoured my (very generous) slice with some of my homemade tomato relish.

Pie fresh out of the oven!

Pie - with my epic slice removed!

I was very excited by how well the egg cooked!

Served with my homemade tomato relish!


Pie for Breakfast: KEY LIME PIE!

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In order to celebrate the end of lectures, we decided to have a pie breakfast. I’d been wanting to try key lime pie for a while, so I seized this opportunity to give it a try.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of it being a ‘pie breakfast’ the lighting for the photos wasn’t great, and I was too tired to take process photos like I had intended. Next pie post will most definitely have process photos! Especially with regards to the pastry process – as I insist on making pastry by hand, none of the store bought pastry for me!

Visually, the pie was not the most beautiful pie I’ve made, but it tasted delicious and had a beautiful texture…though was very rich! Furthermore, the recipe called for a bigger pie dish than the one I usually use but was too small for my other one which is enormous. So because the pie was somewhat meringue-ish, I decided to turn the rest of the pie filling into a souffle!

Finally, I didn’t get any photos of it served with cream, but that is most certainly how I ate it 🙂 Next time I make pie, I might try and serve it with homemade ice cream as well…

Key Lime Pie!

The difficult task of cutting the pie without mangling it

Mmmmmmmmm...all that is missing is the cream!

Improvised key lime pie filling souffle

Improvised key lime pie filling souffle

This might be my last post until my exam is over….I really need to stop focusing on food and focus more on studying! However, once exams are over, I imagine I shall be back to cooking extravagantly much more frequently.


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It’s pretty hard to find something that beats a well cooked apple pie! Especially when served hot from the over with ice cream….mmmm….don’t think I need say anything else.

Apple Pie - fresh from the oven!

Apple Pie - slice removed

....with Ice Cream!


Two Delicious Bakes!

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I made these some time ago, but they make me hunger for rustic bakes once more. I sort of made these up using the leftover ingredients I had. One is a vegetarian take on Boston Baked Beans (ok, I know them being vegetarian kind of negates them Boston Baked Beans, but you get the picture) and the other is a cheesy lentil pie of sorts…

Vegetarian Bean Bake (pictured with French Pain de Campagne)

Cheesy Lentil Pie with Wholemeal Crust