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Apple Cinnamon Bread

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I made this for breakfast this morning. Recipe from here. A delicious breakfast and lovely way to use up leftover apples!

Red Bell Pepper Relish with Garlic & Onion

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A while back, I posted a relish/sauce recipe about a bunch of bell peppers that my grandparents gave me. Well, they managed to give me another small bag, but I did not want to use the same recipe as last time. I looked at this recipe, but had to change it a bit to suit what I had.

Red bell shaped peppers, 300g – 500g – whatever you have

oil, for roasting + 2 tbsp extra

2 onions, diced

2 cloves garlic, diced

1/4 tsp dry mustard

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 cup dark cane sugar, more to taste if needed

cider vinegar, as needed


1. Take peppers (I would guess that my bag was between 400 – 500 g, though it could have even been less), cut in half and deseed. Roast in a few tablespoons of oil in a preheated oven of 180 degrees celsius. Roast until cooked through, approximately 40 minutes. You could probably roast it for longer, depending on the flavour you want.

2. Take a med-large saucepan. Sautee onion and garlic in the saucepan until cooked but not browned – though I suppose you could brown them. Chop the roasted peppers and add to the garlic and onions. Mix some vinegar in with the sugar and add to the pan along with the dry mustard and cayenne pepper, cover the mixture with vinegar and bring to the boil, then lower heat and reduce it down. Season to taste, and if needed – add more sugar. Sterilize some jars and fill with relish, I got about 3. Enjoy with some bread and cheese!

The Garden

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This perhaps is a little off the topic of cooking, but considering I use the veggies and herbs from my garden for cooking, I feel it is relevant to share my garden’s progress. It has come such a long way since I moved in here almost 2 years ago.

Brilliant - the first image has nothing to do with the veggie garden, but I couldn't resist...it looked so lovely!

Though note our lawn hasn’t been moved for a while….

Overview - though the plants look a lot less scraggy close up, I promise!

Salad Lettuce (1 of four in my garden)

Globe artichoke - I have never grown one of these before and have no idea when it will be ready for harvesting....but I'm guessing soon? Very curious as to how it will turn out!

Kale (somewhat pruned, I have been using their leaves in soups)

Carrots - the few surviving ones in the garden. All my carrots seem to grow short and fat.....hmmm, perhaps that is a reflection of the person who plants them? ๐Ÿ˜›

Edible flowers! These were planted just days ago...should serve for some summer salad beautification!

Abundant parsley!

Somewhat feral rosemary....






My shaggy fennel plant - you can tell I don't use fennel so much, hah!

Leeks! Still have a bit of growing to do....

Capsicum - still has a lot of growing to do as well...in fact, I'm not sure this baby will ever grow ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Zucchini plants....freshly planted!

Tomato Plants

Yup, that's my meerkat guarding those tomato plants!

Part of my animal bones collection - in the process of being bleached in the sun

The aggressive grape vine!

Sweet peas!

Goodbye garden - and tomatoes!