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In Garden, Misc on January 15, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Ok, so about that Ravioli part 2….funny story (well not really) but I photographed the pictures of the ravioli served with the sauce – however, I did so without a memory card in my camera so I have no idea what happened to the photos. Ooops! But the sauce was pretty basic anyway, as the filling had quite a strong flavour. I just sauteed some onions, garlic and a few herbs and then added cream, topped with a little grated cheese. You can never have too much cheese! Anyhow, I will definitely be making more posts about ravioli making with different fillings in the near future, possibly about tortelli too – if I can manage them. I have a wonderful cookbook with authentic Italian regional dishes in it, so it has got me quite excited about ravioli and pasta making in general. It’s so interesting to see how it varies from region to region and all the different names for the dishes….but I digress.

I’ve not really had a chance to make any beautiful fun food to photograph lately, but as usual…will endeavour to do so more in the upcoming weeks. Shortly I’ll be posting about a pie I made for lunch yesterday, but other than that I leave you with a picture of my beautiful tomatoes which are finally ripening, hurray! Though you have to grab them quickly off the plant, because the birds love to get into them……

Heh...a friend told me that when she first saw this photo she thought they were pumpkins!