Hare, Hare, Hare! And pie.

In Main meals, Pastry, Pie on August 6, 2012 at 3:33 am

I was lucky enough to be presented with another hare from my parents and decided to give cooking it another go. I more or less ended up doing the same two things with it that I did last time, but I definitely think this was a improvement! Though perhaps a bit more work. I got the recipe for civet of hare (or jugged hare) from this blog, which I will definitely look to in future if I find myself endowed with a hare or rabbit again. The recipe itself is seriously involved, but well worth the effort and packed full of flavour. Like last time, I didn’t find the meat to be tough at all, and despite the many steps in the recipe, I didn’t find it too hard to follow either. The only thing that I don’t think I fully nailed was the thickening part at the end, but it wasn’t really ruined like the recipe suggests is possible if that doesn’t quite work.

I’m afraid I didn’t really photograph the hare during the civey process, except for what the pot looked like just before marinating the meat for a night. Look at the beautiful colour! And that isn’t just from the red wine and brandy marinade…

After the civet, which I served to my friends, I wanted to find a different way to use the leftovers. I was torn between a recipe I’ve been wanting to try ages, which was for a hunter’s risotto, but also was craving a hare pie, similar to the one I made last time. In the end I decided I didn’t really have the meat called for in the risotto recipe, so went for pie again. How can you go wrong with pie? Besides, I’m getting rusty, I haven’t made one for a while. I also had a new pastry recipe and technique in mind – so decided to combine them with the leftover civet, without any other alterations.

The pastry recipe comes from 101 cookbooks, and the technique from here, via 101 cookbooks.

This was what the pie looked like before going into the oven. I am actually really excited about this new technique for making pastry (well, new to me anyway) and will definitely be using it in the future. It just makes the pastry so much stronger and easy to use, so is definitely worth the extra time. I will probably make a double batch to freeze next time I do it. I also like the rye flour variation suggested by 101 cookbooks, I thought it would compliment the hare well. However, I ended up with more pastry than I expected and got really excited, so I used my giant pie dish (which never happens) but unfortunately didn’t quite have as much hare as I thought, which is why the shape is a perhaps a bit odd. There was also a bit too much liquid in the civet, so I really had to wait until the pie had cooled completely before it could really be eaten. The photos at the top were actually taken the following morning, which is why the colour is somewhat bleached out. It made a lovely, rich, hearty breakfast. I have put half of it in the freezer, so I can treat myself with it later. All up, can’t wait until I can have another round with some hare! This is what the pie looked like out of the oven:




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