Pumpkin Gnocchi

In Egg, Main meals, Pasta on May 23, 2012 at 3:44 am

Making gnocchi is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I’ve been wary of it in the past. As a teenager, my mum implanted this idea in my head that gnocchi were nasty and rubbery – not worth bothering about at all! But ever since I rekindled my interest in food and started reading food blogs, I noticed that gnocchi seemed to be quite popular. Then a few months ago when I got Jo Seagar’s Italia and saw her lovely rustic gnocchi, I knew the time had come – it was just a matter of when. My friend Theresa coming around for dinner (and my friend Amanda tomorrow) gave me the perfect excuse. Interestingly, I didn’t end up following Jo’s recipe but instead opted for a recipe I found on a blog I only recently discovered, Happyolks. The recipe is accompanied with a video and lovely photos – so you should definitely check it out! I went with this recipe simply because I had a pumpkin to use up, and liked the sound of pumpkin gnocchi rather than potato – though Jo offers a recipe for olive gnocchi that I just might need to try as well.

Anyway, the tips offered in the Happyolks recipe are good ones.  I think this was definitely a case of KNOW YOUR PUMPKIN. I actually used a mixture of two – the 99c quarter pumpkin from Pak’n’Save and half a butternut squash that I stole from Emma. I wasn’t really sure how much the two would make; at first I thought I would have too little, but I think in the end I had too much! I also probably didn’t have a fine enough sieve, because my pumpkin was still very moist and I couldn’t seem to get rid of the moisture. As a result, I had to add quite a bit more than the 2 cups of flour that the recipe suggests. However, the most difficult thing I found about the whole process was cutting the gnocchi to a uniform size! I’m sure there is a more efficient way than the way I did it; grabbing handfuls of dough, rolling into long sausages and cutting into sections of 1 inch with a ruler next to, cutting them down when they seemed to big as my dough sausages weren’t always that even. Anyway, if anyone has any tips about how to make this aspect of the process easier, do share!

I definitely have issues with cutting things to a uniform size. I’ve always been an eyeball it type of girl and that was a little counter productive in this case. The whole process took rather a long time, but in a very pleasant way. I managed to eat about a quarter of my gnocchi as I was cooking them so by the time it came to serve them I wasn’t all that hungry! Oops.

I served them with a basic buttery sauce, following the suggestion of the original recipe. Basically it was just a bit of olive oil and butter (I didn’t fuss about quantities) with a generous amount of washed thyme, cooked in the sauce to give it a bit of flavour. I then tossed the gnocchi in the butter until it was well coated and topped with grated parmesan. It was definitely a winning recipe for a cold winter’s night!

I was also worried about how the gnocchi would look once photographed. It’s true, gnocchi are not the mostly beautiful looking things to look at – but still, I highly recommend you all try them. Invest in the time – the recipe makes enough for several meals/servings, depending on how many are eating it. It is also something easily prepared in advance. They taste delicious – not at all rubbery and nasty like my mum led me to believe. Shame on you, Mum! I’ve been converted to a gnocchi fan.

  1. why do they have to be uniform? when we make ours they’re all different sizes and shapes (but all delicious). we also shape them differently to you, by flattening them out and then rolling them up over the tines of a fork. they have bigger grooves that way and thus collect more sauce – always a bonus! but yeah, it’s kinda fun to have different looking ones, i think!

    pumpkin gnocchi sound glorious. i’m also keen as a bean to try kumara gnocchi. o that must be a dream.

    • Hmmm, yea I didn’t think about the sauce catching aspect. Jo doesn’t even indent hers with a fork at all and I rather liked the look of hers….very rustic. Anyway, might try them slightly differently next time!

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