Cinnamon French Toast/Brioche Hybrid

In Baking, Bread, Dessert, Egg on May 13, 2012 at 9:19 am

I saw this recipe on Smitten Kitchen a while ago (yes, I’m addicted) and decided it would make a perfect Mother’s Day brunch. The fact that I could make it the night before was particularly appealing. (I had to get up early this morning to drive to my mother’s house and probably wouldn’t have felt like cooking once I got there.)

That said, I do wonder whether making it the night before affects how the recipe turns out. The texture was wonderfully custardy and soggy on the bottom while more crusty like brioche on the top – my mother liked this aspect of the dish, however my father did not! Each to his own, I suppose…but it is perhaps something to be aware of if cooking it the night before, or else you could tweak the quantities a bit more in either direction depending how ‘soggy’ you want it to be.

It should also be said that I adapted the recipe to be slightly more calorie friendly by substituting the butter with canola spray for greasing, and used olivani margarine spread on the bread rather than butter. I also used NZ light blue milk rather than full cream. So it is possible that difference in texture might have also been because of these substitutions? Not sure. (Don’t judge, I was cooking for my parents.) We served it with unsweetened Greek style yoghurt, which I think was all it needed – but of course you could be naughty and drown it in something sweet, cashing in on some of those saved calories! If I had been eating it at home, I might have drizzled mine with my toffee macadaemia glaze…mmm….

Smitten Kitchen far surpasses me in terms of the photos and recipe – so check out the original post here! Apologies for the increasing number of Smitten Kitchen inspired posts on this blog….but the recipes are just so good! Plus my parents actually have a black granite bench (like hers) so it would have been rude not to take advantage of it 😉


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