Scottish Baps

In Baking, Bread on May 6, 2012 at 8:05 am

Apologies (as always) for infrequent posting! If I could, I would do nothing but cook and eat like a king – and post about it. But sadly, I can’t. I haven’t been as good at photographing my creations lately either, but I’ve got photos of two things that I made recently. This first post is about none other than Scottish baps!

As usual, the recipe came from my trusty bread book. I hadn’t made them before, so it was nice to be able to cross the recipe off my (increasingly small) list of breads in the book which I haven’t made yet. I was my usual imprecise self, so I didn’t get the sizes of all the baps even – but I thought that gave each bap a character of its own.

The baps were accompaniments to a main dish (which I didn’t actually photograph, because it was late and the lighting was bad etc) which came from the Medieval cookbook I found in the library. The dish was called ‘Leek Sops in Wine’ – and called for an ENTIRE bottle of white wine to cook the leeks in. Furthermore, this was meant to be a dish that monks (albeit wealthy ones) ate during Lent. Crikey! Well, all I can say was that I was very thankful to have to baps to soak up all that wine, because a healthy serving of those sops was like having a few glasses of wine on top of the wine were  already drinking with the food! Oops.


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