Devilled Eggs

In Egg, Entertaining, Snacks on April 27, 2012 at 9:23 pm

Dressed Devilled Egg close up - apologies for fuzzy photo! Good morning photography is hard...

Yesterday evening I had a deep craving for devilled eggs, but by the time my I’d hardboiled the eggs, all motivation disappeared. However, this morning when I saw the hard boiled eggs waiting there for me, I decided I might as well go ahead. Devilled eggs for breakfast? Why not! A bit unconventional perhaps, but there you go. I’d had devilled eggs on the brain for a while, as we had intended to make them for Theresa’s tea party. However, the hardboiling of the eggs on that occasion didn’t quite work out, so we ended up making eggs sandwiches instead.

As usual, I looked to Smitten Kitchen for a recipe. I was relatively faithful to it, except that I only used 6 eggs and simplified the topping. It was a surprisingly quick process, and I would really recommend these as an easy appetizer for a dinner party or when entertaining. However, I would definitely advise hard boiling the eggs the night before – that way if the eggs don’t peel well you have time to whip something else up in its place!

My photos can’t quite compete with Smitten Kitchens, but I was pretty happy with the result. I think for presentation purposes, using a piping bag really helps! (As opposed to trying to spoon the mixture in)

Eggs ready for dressing!

Undressed Devilled Egg

Dressed egg on lettuce leaf from the garden


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