Pasta part 2: Ravioli & Tortellini – with handmade ricotta, roasted pumpkin and spinach filling

In Cheese, Entertaining, Farm products, Main meals, Pasta on January 26, 2012 at 10:44 pm

I promised a follow up to my ravioli post, and at long last here it is. I made a batch of handmade ricotta recently, and decided to try two new fillings – roasted pumpkin puree with ricotta, as well as spinach and ricotta – which I had mentioned in my previous ravioli post. I also wanted to try some different shapes, making tortellini as well as ravioli. It took a while, but the results were fabulous!


Roasted pumpkin puree with handmade ricotta

1 small butternut pumpkin – peeled, cut into chunks, roasted in oil and then pureed until relatively smooth

Few generous scoops handmade ricotta (or storebought if you want)


Just combine ingredients in a bowl, mixing until well combined. Season.

Spinach and ricotta filling

Few portions frozen spinach, or use fresh if you want.

Few scoops handmade ricotta


Make sure the moisture has been well drained out of the spinach, then combine with the ricotta and season.


I’m not going to go into details about how I make my pasta dough again, if you want to read about that, please refer to my previous ravioli post. At the beginning, I followed much the same method – using the circular ravioli cutter and sandwiching filling between two rounds.

Filling on the ravioli round

Spinach on ravioli rounds












I then cooked these, with a greater success rate than the first time I made them. I had only one or two instances of the rounds splitting apart and filling spilling out. The end result, a lovely bowl of classic round ravioli!


I also experimented with the same ravioli round by folding them in half to make crescent shapes; I don’t think they were quite as pretty, but still – I’d hardly call them a failure either.

Crescent moon ravioli

Now for the exciting part! Tortellini! I actually kind of made up this method as I went along. I just used a glass instead of a ravioli cutter to make nice perfectly round circles. I then folded them over to make semi circles, and twisted the ends around to join. I was really happy with the results, and thought they looked pretty legit!

Tortellini shapes

End results - pumpkin tortellini!

Spinach tortellini!

And the end result…

Enough pasta to keep my busy for a week! (at least)

I will be most likely posting again with some more exciting sauces to serve the pasta with, but by the time the pasta was finished, I was too tired to make anything exciting. So I just made a sauce with sauteed onions, garlic, cream and grated tasty cheese – topped with chopped chives.

Cooking the sauce

Recook tortellini for a few mins in boiling water

Tortellini smothered in creamy cheese sauce!


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