Ravioli Part 1

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I got some ravioli cutters for Christmas and have been waiting for a good opportunity to use them. Well today I did! I figured I’d better set aside a day to play around with them – and turns out that was a good idea. FYI; making ravioli takes time. Making pasta from scratch takes time. Not something you can whip up in a minute (well once you’ve made the ravioli, sure) but definitely worth it – and so many options available for fillings.

Before I even got started on the ravioli, I made the filling using a recipe I found online (all my Italian cookbooks have non vegetarian recipes).

The one I chose was really simple.


200g feta cheese (goat feta pref.)

70g toasted walnuts

Several fresh basil leaves, shredded

1 large garlic clove, chopped finely

Put all the ingredients in a blender until well blended and smooth.

Ravioli filling


Once the filling is done and set aside, you can get started on the pasta. I realize I never went into the pasta machine basics when I did my first post about making pasta. The ingredients are really simple.

500g fine pasta flour (yes, it’s worth getting the proper flour – you can get it from delis, like Farro or Nosh)

Pasta flour

5 eggs

Flour and Eggs

Mix the eggs in with flour with a fork until somewhat combined, and then turn onto bench to knead. Knead until dough is smooth and consistent. Yes, note that there is NO salt added.

Dough will look something like this

Run the dough through the machine a few times on the 0 setting, folding the dough over and reflouring when necessary. A good pasta dough should never stick to your hands or the machine. When suitable, proceed to setting 1, followed by 2, then 3, 4 and 5.

Pasta dough on one of the first run throughs


Dough by setting 3 or 4


Cutting ravioli rounds out of the dough


Ravioli rounds cut out

Put half a teaspoon on filling in the middle of a ravioli round, then seal with a second.

Place filling on ravioli round


Square round


Round ravioli round

Boil in batches in a large pot of boiling water for about 10 mins-ish, until firm and almost cooked. Cook for longer if you are eating immediately, but as this post is named part 1, I’m saving these for another day (tomorrow) when I will recook/heat them with a sauce.


Now I happened to have more dough than filling (mixing up a set of pasta dough makes a LOT of pasta) so I filled the rest with refried beans. Not that inventive, I know…but hey, I didn’t have many options with the ingredients I had available (and using goat’s cheese and walnuts wasn’t exactly cheap!)

All in all I ended up with two large bowls of ravioli and lots to snack on while making them. Good value for sure!

Second batch - cooked!


Now for a few additional comments about making ravioli, but also pasta machines in general. I kinda made up my own method for constructing the ravioli. My recipes books used a different method, with a pastry cutter which cuts in lines instead of ravioli cutters which cut shapes like mine. However, I was quite pleased with how mine turned out – there were a few misfits, ones that came apart and leaked filling but the vast majority were ok.

When finishing up and cleaning your pasta machine, do not clean it with water! A straight paint brush or pastry brush should do the trick. As mentioned, a good dough shouldn’t stick at all, so cleaning takes no time.

So that concludes my first post. Watch out for my next post about the sauce and the full ravioli meal, complete with alcoholic beverage. Will be serving some to my mother tomorrow, hopefully she likes it!

  1. love love LOVE the filling recipe. totes trying, but with cottage cheese. i do believe i can make do with a regular cookie cutter and a fork for crimping … heart shaped ravioli, here i come!

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