“Japanese Lunchbox”

In Egg, Main meals, Rice, Snacks on January 5, 2012 at 7:44 pm

I got this recipe from a cookbook my mother gave me for Christmas called ‘Party Food for Girls’ – don’t judge it from the title, http://www.amazon.com/Party-Food-Girls-Alessandra-Zecchini/dp/1869662997.

I’m sure everyone would enjoy the food in it, it’s not just cupcake recipes – I swear! It has some really neat ideas in it, including this one.

'Japanese Lunchbox'


I was pretty hungry when I made this yesterday, so I could have done a better job with the presentation but couldn’t be bothered because I was so keen to eat it! It was delicious; perfect for a light summer meal. I also thought I had some nori to garnish it, but only discovered I didn’t have any once I had start cooking. Oops. I guess that’s an excuse to make it again.

Here’s the recipe:

200g short grain rice

2 sheets nori

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

4 eggs


1 tablespoon toasted seasame seeds

cucumber slices (to decorate)

soy sauce (optional)


Cook the rice according to packet instructions. Cut nori sheets into very thin strips (2cm long and .5 cm wide) with a pair of scissors. Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Break the eggs one by one into the pan and season with salt. Stir the eggs while cooking and keep stirring so they don’t stick to the pan. They should become quite dry. Set aside. Divide rice for however many people you are serving among the boxes you are using to serve in – preferably a cute little yellow one like mine (haha) or at least ones with good lids. Top with the scrambled eggs, then sprinkle seasame seeds and nori strips on top, garnishing with the cucumber if desired.

This dish is good served at room temp or cold…just don’t refrigerate it too long as the rice might become hard. Great lunch to take to uni or to work! I am definitely going to do that this year.


Good to go!




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